Vasily Chekalkin's CV

Vasily Chekalkin

Australian citizen
[email protected]



  • Over twenty years of Software Development experience.

  • Strong hands-on skills in Software Design and Enterprise Architecture.

  • Strong hands-on experience in Service Oriented Architecture.

  • Experience in converting monolithic applications to reusable SOA components

  • Significant experience in Stakeholders Management

  • Knowledge of RDBMS internals, architecture and design.

  • Well versed in Object-Oriented Design and Development.

  • First hand knowledge of Patterns of Object Oriented Design.

  • Conversant in XML based technologies: XSLT, XPath, XMLSchema, XQuery

  • Lead multiple development teams.


  • General skills: Software Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Large-scale systems developement

  • Solution Design

  • Stakeholder management

  • Programming languages: C/C++ with STL and boost, SQL, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, C#, PL/SQL.

  • Libraries and products: boost, omniORB, libxml2/libxslt1, Apache HTTPD, Apache Xerces, etc.

  • Technologies: TCP/IP, CORBA, HTML, XML, XSLT, DOM, .NET, OOA, OOD, OOP.

  • RDBMS: InterBase, MySQL and Oracle 8i.

  • Development tools: CVS, make, shell, gcc, gdb, valgrind, gnu autotools, SCons, etc.

  • Experience in System Level programming with C/C++ within Unix (Linux) environment.

  • Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Windows.

Professional experience:

Singtel Optus
September 2016 — present time
Digital Technology Architect

  • Optus Cloud Core


    Optus Cloud Core is first in the wold product to bridge gap between classical telephony systems and modern digital services. For example ivoke digital assistant such as Alexa or Google without switching to different app. Or invoke real-time in-call voice translate.

    Optus Cloud Core is opening “black box voice call” and make it fully digitised and progammable.

    Same technology is used in Optus’ Contact Centres to provide real-time call transcription for the agents and automatically summarise calls. Optus Cloud Core design is cloud native, event-drivent, microservice based architecture, depoyed on OpenShift Container platform.

    Optus Cloud Core was

    Design and develop most parts of the solution
    SIP, RTP, Audio codecs (PCMA, AMR, G.722, etc), Soft real-time, Rust, Typescript, Websockets, HTTP/2

Internet portal
February 2013 — present time
Principal Software Engineer


  • Yandex.Browser.

    Yandex.Browser is Chromium-based web browser catered for Russian and ex-USSR users. This includes localizations in terms of language, information availability and local services. I'm working mostly on server-side and network stack of Yandex.Browser.
    Principal software engineer.
    Design and develop required server side for Yandex.Browser
    Integration of client side
    Work closely with product owners to provide solutions for outlined problems and propose ideas to improve user experience from technical point of view

Singtel Optus
April 2008 — February 2013
Application Architect

Optus is an Australian leader in integrated telecommunications, delivering cutting-edge communications, information technology and entertainment services. In 2001 SingTel became the parent company of Optus, paving the way to become a strong and strategic telecommunications player within the Asia-Pacific region..

My main responsibilities in Optus were:

  • Architect large-scale projects with complex inter-connectivity between different backend systems

  • Work closely with business owners to provide Impact Assessments, clarify requirement, propose solutions for particular problems.

  • Enforce SDLC policies

  • Coach developers in "best practice" methods

  • Provide guides and how-to's for developers to follow SDLC.

Worked on the following projects:

  • Group Digital Life.

    This is the Optus-Singtel's flagship program with its own CEO. It is designed to reinvent the Telco into an international player in a world where VOIP services challenge the Telco's traditional telecommunication market. The Group will leverage off its current 400 million customers to achieve a presence on the global market. The GDL product suite will include multiple products including VOIP services, Cloud storage and content based services. These will be delivered as Apps & web services across the full array of web and smart devices.
    Enterprise Architect. Application Architect, Team Lead.
    E2E HLSD, Services Design, Team Lead.
  • Wap Migration.

    Reverse engineering of existing monolithic portal and migrate it to Service Oriented Architecture with strong separation between Business Logic and Presentation Layer.
    Enterprise Architect. Application Architect.
    Software used:
    Perl, Java, Postgresql, MySQL
  • NScreens.

    Implementation of multi-purpose framework for building Web portals.
    Software architect. Team leader. Senior software developer.
    Software used:
    Perl, Java, Postgresql, MySQL

Canon Information Systems Research Australia
April 2006 — April 2008
Senior software developer

CiSRA is committed to researching and developing digital imaging, software, hardware, and advanced system technologies.

My main responsibilities in CiSRA are:

  • Architect and develop software

  • Coach developers in C++ "best practice" methods

  • Provide guides and how-to's for development in linux environment.

  • Maintain cross-platform code.

Worked on the following projects:

  • Embedded XQuery processor. Implementation of W3C XQuery specification targeted for embedded linux platform.

    Implementation of XML query language in resource-limited environment.
    Software architect. Implement almost all code of XQuery processor.
    Software used:
    C++, flex, bison
  • Distributed retrieval. XML based distributed search system.

    Implement system for gathering and merging search result from distributed search modules.
    Developer and maintainer.
    Software used:

Internet portal
April 2005 — February 2006
Head of communication services development department
February 2000 — April 2005
Senior software developer

Software architect and lead developer at, an internet portal comparable to Yahoo! for the Russian speaking market. handles millions of requests per day and provides service to over six millions of users.

During employment at Yandex my main responsibilities were:

  • Performed software design and development and led a team of fifteen developers.

  • Developed components used as the building blocks for the portal.

  • Coached developers on component writing; led software design and promoted usage of best practices.

  • Used the following Agile techniques: Test Driven Development, Unit Testing, Acceptance Testing, Iteration Planning and more.

Worked on the following projects:

  • Yandex.Lenta. RSS and Atom web aggregator (Similar to but with many powerful features).

    Collect, store and aggregate in threads RSS and Atom feeds. Based on with aggregating subsystem added.
    Software Architect and Team Leader. Developed database schemas and SQL queries.
    Software used:
    C++, Perl, Python, omniORB, XScript, boost, MySQL and many other public and internal tools.
  • Yandex.Blogs. Blog search engine

    Collect, store and search thousands of RSS and Atom feeds. Focused on performance of storing very large amounts of small items with checks for duplicates.
    Software Architect and Team Leader
    Software used:
    C++, Perl, Python, omniORB, XScript, boost, MySQL and many other public and internal tools.
  • XScript. Distributed CORBA/XML web application framework.

    Highly scalable web application development framework built on distributed and fault tolerant CORBA components. The framework supports quick and inexpensive construction of web applications by using components which produce XML. The framework allows for assembly of the XML into pages directly and using XSLT.
    The framework supports parallel CORBA invocation, various caching strategies, bridging HTTP request into CORBA objects, multi pass XSLT application, call timeout tuning.
    All Yandex projects that were developed in last 4 years and serve millions of requests per day are built on XScript.
    Software architect and development team leader. Wrote main framework and developed various CORBA components. Created XML based language for describing CORBA component invocations. Took part in development of multithreaded HTTP server (code name BAIDA). Contributed patches for omniORB, libxml & libxslt (bugs #78662, #110577, #111420, etc.), Apache Xerces (#11771, etc).
    Software used:
    C++/C, omniORB, libxml2, libxslt, boost.
  • My.Yandex. Personal portal (comparable to My Yahoo!).

    Highly scalable and usable personalisation and aggregation engine for massive web portal.
    Team Leader. Designed and developed software, designed database scaling to millions of records. Developed various modules for aggregation of external data including RSS and financial indexes
    Software used:
    Perl, mod_perl, MySQL.
  • Yandex.Fotki. Joint project with Eastman Kodak for scanning user film and publishing them on the Web.

    Web application for managing photos, converting them into various formats, e-mailing of greeting cards made from photos, and creating of styled photo albums.
    Designed and developed software, designed database.
    Software used:
    PHP, Perl, ImageMagick, Oracle.
  • Yandex.Narod. Internet hosting for casuals. (comparable to Yahoo! GeoCities)

    Template based system for creating and authoring end user web pages.
    Designed and developed software.
    Software used:


Masters in Computer Science, Kazan State University, Russia, June 1999.


References are available upon request.